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There is no one worth worshiping than Allah, and Prophet Muhammad Sal'Allahu Elahi Wa'Alehi Wa'Salam is Allah Subhana hu Wa'tala's last Prophet and Messanger. Once you believe and are ready to take this Oath, we will provide you assistance and counseling.  

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Take the Shahada

Taking the shahada, the profession of the Islamic faith is one of the biggest decisions and once you made the decision MCA will provide you with the assistance, counseling, and support you need throughout your new journey.

Book your appointment with Dr.Abdul Imam Samra to take the oath of Shada. 

Visit the Following Website:

4305 NW 183rd St,
Miami Gardens, FL 33055

For Additional Information


Phone: (305) 624-5555
(954) 397-2013

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